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Everyone has their own Dreadlock journey, and we are no different.

Our Loctitian, Claire, is certified to create and maintain dreadlocks and has a passion for helping people achieve their dream style. She loves watching people go through their journey and understands how daunting it can be to take the leap.

We are fully trained for creating healthy, happy Dreadlocks.  Our technique produces instant Dreadlocks with minimum damage and discomfort. All appointments include advice on how to look after your Dreadlocks to keep them happy.

Claire has had an interest in Dreadlocks since she was young. However, she never felt confident enough to get them. Partly because she was worried about what people would say but also because she was worried about damaging her hair.

Nearing 40 and finally letting go of worrying about other people’s opinions, Claire went for it and didn’t look back. And has now become a Loctitian! She has finally found herself.

Draumr was then born. ‘Draumr’ means ‘Dream’ in Nordic, and this is what we would like to give you – your Dream Dreadlocks.

Getting Dreadlocks is a journey, and it’s a great one! Find Yourself. Free Yourself.


find yourself

dream hair

We like to make healthy, happy dreadlocks, and we like to make people happy!

We can give your your dream hair. Jump in for a full head or dip your toe in and have a few dreads under loose hair. The choice is yours and we take it at your pace, ensuring your comfort at all times.

It’s your Dreadlock journey and we want to make it the best it can be.

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